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We believe that consulting isn't only about the work you provide, but also how you impact people.   The opportunity to help create a great team,  work successfully towards completion of a common goal, and leave the team better prepared to handle problems in the future are key components of our philosophy. But don't take our word for it.  See what people we have worked with have to say below. 


I had the pleasure of working with Tracy from early 2008 through the better part of 2010 in my newly formed role as the Manager of the Service Resource Center. We were tasked with creating a centralized dispatch and contact center operation from the ground up and converting a billion dollar service business from a decentralized service operation to a centralized one with centers in Westminster Massachusetts and Richardson Texas. Tracy’s knowledge, skill, and can do attitude proved invaluable not only in the creation and rollout of the department but during the stabilization effort post rollout. Tracy has an excellent attitude and work ethic. She always performed at or above the expectations required of the Project Manager position. When Tracy left the team for a new and challenging assignment she left a void that the team was never able to fill over the next 5 years with the Service Resource center. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with her and use her as a sounding board to this day. So I can say with confidence Tracy’s hard work and determination made her one of the department’s most valuable employees and she would make a great addition to any team. If you need any additional information or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at (


Matthew Collins

Regional Customer Service Manager United Site Services


Tracy was always my first choice in leading continuous improvement projects. She does a great job of explaining Six Sigma and other continuous improvement concepts, and helping the team to focus and navigate to a clear and executable outcome (not just theory). She also has the ability to look beyond the scope to understand the potential impact on other parts of the business. I also looked to Tracy to train and mentor members of my team in Kaizen facilitation. It was truly a pleasure to work with Tracy.

Craig Alley

Global Head of Procurement 


I had the opportunity of working with Tracy at SimplexGrinnell. She provided tenacious Project Management support for her business team while successfully rolling out our centralized Call/Dispatch Center. Tracy is an extremely capable and resourceful project manager with strong business analytical skills.

Darren Browing

Director - Applications Development


Tracy is a detailed oriented person with full dedication to the mission she is assigned to. She is fantastic communicator, and outstanding in gaining customer trust. She is very thorough and structured in following PM practices with her special practical and personal approach at the same time.

Ala A Abd

Portfolio Managemer


Tracy is extremely focused and detail oriented but with the ability to see the "big picture" in a clear and rational manner. Her passion for the work is a great example to her co-workers, direct reports, and managers. Working with Tracy was a learning experience and a pleasure.

Rick Peno

Principle Consultant


Tracy is energetic, creative and passionate in all her work endeavors. Tracy’s most valuable asset is her integrity. You can count on the fact that Tracy will always do the right thing. Tracy has been an outstanding mentor for me, which I believe has helped me in the many successes I have had while at SimplexGrinnell. She never led me in the wrong direction. She gave me honest feedback, both the good and the bad, for my growth and development. She is a valuable asset to not only the organization but to her colleagues for the motivation and encouragement she provides as a leader in the organization.

Gail Anderson

SME/Business Analyst


In my previous positions as Sourcing Specialist and Six Sigma Corporate Blackbelt at SimplexGrinnell, she held the position of a Six Sigma Certified Blackbelt. I worked closely with Tracy over a four year period in both roles and can attest to her outstanding work ethics and character. My first Kaizen project as a Sourcing Specialist incurred annual savings of $1.5M. Tracy was the mentoring Blackbelt for this assignment and provided professional advice through the completion of the project. In addition, she was always approachable and easily fit in with senior leadership, co-workers, and external suppliers, creating a positive team environment. She also mentored me while studying for the Six Sigma Greenbelt and Blackbelt training and exams.

Deb Barnes 

Black Belt 


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