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With a unique combination of education and practical experience, we can offer many different services for your business.  We have provided more details below. 

Kaizen Events


Kaizen Events are 2-5 day sessions designed to help a team of people quickly solve a problem.  Using a variety of tools, the team will diagnose the problem, come up with a solution, and then test and execute the solution, all within a very short time frame.  The major benefit of the Kaizen format is that the team, which includes stakeholders from all groups who will be impacted by the change, can quickly get to the heart of the problem and develop a practical solution that will be accepted by the end users. This methodology can be applied to problems of varying types and  complexity. 

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5S Events 


5S Events are multiple-day sessions where a team of people work together to physcially change a space.  As a group they rank the existing conditions and then using the numerous techniques they Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain the facility.  This technique works extremely well in a warehouse environment and can lead to dramtatic results.  Addressing safety issues and signage are key componets of 5S events and lead to a more efficent and safer work environment. 

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Project Management


Great project management can make all the difference on a project, but unfortunately all too many projects are mismanaged.  We believe that the key to great project management is being involved in all facets of the project, and a "hands-on" approach that relies on consistent and honest communication with the team members and executive sponsors. Our philosophy is that the project manager is the advocate for the project, taking ownership of its success or failure. 

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Change Management


Change is inevitable in a growing business, but most employees don't handle change well. Using Prosci tools, we can complete an impact analysis on your organization and determine how key personnel will handle the change.  Using that information as a starting point,  we can help develop the change strategy that will move your organization through the change as effectively as possible. 

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